Fundraising Tools

Activation of mechanisms for charity fundraising

VM has carried out fundraising projects “ready to go”, particularly in the modern retail channel, using the most appropriate instruments for fundraising, including:

DonoCard, prepaid donation card created by VM partners, adaptable to the specific needs  (size, amount, related information)

Solidarity Coopi Card, which allows the choice of the amount to support specific projects of this association

Solidarity Discount, purchasing specific products / services, linked either to the entire price or to the possession of loyalty cards

Solidarity Points, through the devolution for social purposes of the points of loyalty programs of the signs involved

Solidarity Merchandising, that is the proposal for objects and products whose sale supports social causes


  • Analysis of the needs of both Profit and Nonprofit Partners and identification of the most appropriate Charity
  • Choice of mechanic and of the fundraising tools
  • Definition of the contract between the parties of the transaction
  • Communication plans (in store or institutional)
  • Planning and implementation of the project by activating all available and necessary expertise
  • Measurement of the results and report on allocation of funds