Database Analysis

Value Managers provides consulting support to companies, government agencies, research centers and professionals in the economic and business field of mathematical and statistical analysis, for:

  • sales data
  • clients / prospects database
  • purchase information
  • production data
  • data warehouse

Value Managers help to transform data series into real managerial tools:

  • supporting the customer in the analysis and interpretation of internal business data or external information (databases or quantitative market research);
  • translating data into information useful to management decisions;
  • providing interpretations aimed at understanding qualitative and quantitative phenomena;
  • creating different scenarios for strategic and operational planning decisions.

To achieve this we use a non intrusive working methodology:

  • Screening of the customer needs
  • acquisition of information and internal data
  • possible integration with external sources of existing data from databases or ad hoc research
  • data processing and analysis and, finally, clear presentation of the results