Operative support

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  • We carry out the identified project and activities
  • We coordinate internal and external team work and skills with Project Management approach
  • We assist and support the organization in the development and implementation of products and of any marketing, business and organizational project
  • We temporarily improve the organization with a presence in the company, if necessary as Temporary Manager.

The previous managerial experience and the projects already realized allow us to offer not only analysis and consulting, but above all (later or regardless of specific advice) our energy and our skills to achieve predefined results, in the time agreed with the client, working effectively to develop the projects agreed with the other internal and / or external resources needed.

This operative support takes different forms depending on the needs:

  • Project Management or business projects Coaching
  • Coaching or support to Managers or project teams, for the duration of the intervention projects
  • Temporary Management
  • Support to commercial and marketing managers functions or specific outsourcing in these functions:
  • operational marketing
  • Marketing / sales analysis
  • category Management
  • coaching

Contact us to set up a meeting and explain to us your business needs in order to allow us to design the most appropriate intervention.