Corporate Social Responsibility

Support to the development of CSR projects for-profit and nonprofits    

“The corporate social responsibility is the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns of the companies in their ordinary activities and in their relations with stakeholders. Being socially responsible means not only fulfilling required legislation, but also going further by investing in human capital, in the environment and in the relations with stakeholders.”

Source: Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility of the European Commission.

VM approaches CSR as a tool to increase business competitiveness and to direct resources to beneficence projects.

VM works both for profit companies and with its selected network of nonprofit organizations.

VM is active mainly in the following activities:

  • Support to companies in the CSR process
  • Proposal and development of partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • Design and implementation of Charity Promotion
  • Design and implementation of Fundraising operations (also with the help of specific tools such as DonoCard and Coopi Solidarity card)
  • Draft of sustainability reports and other communication for the different public.

VM contributed to initiatives that have provided funds in excess of 3 million euros to social causes.

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